Janisol HI Liftable

The Janisol lift-and-slide door range redefines living space. This proven system, which was developed especially for large openings, allows indoor and outdoor spaces to merge and create a unique, open living ambiance. The threshold at the bottom is made of high-grade, glassfibre-reinforced plastic and provides an access to meet the needs of the disabled while ensuring excellent thermal insulation. Janisol lift-and-slide doors are compliant with the CE marking requirements and have been tested at ift Rosenheim.

Janisol Faltwand / Retractable

Janisol folding doors are based on the Janisol insulated system and have a multitude of applications. They can be used as a room divider or to provide access to exterior space. The proven system, developed specially for flexible openings, can be used for inward- or outward-opening doors. Ultra-slimline steel profiles and narrow face widths result in robust, resilient and durably strong folding doors.

Janisol Arte Sliding Door

Janisol Arte sliding range combines the slenderness of the profiles of Janisol Arte series with the large glazed surfaces that allow a material such as steel. The sliding opening makes it possible to interconnect spaces in a simple way.

Janisol 2 EI30 Sliding Door

The sophisticated fire protection sliding door concept impresses as much by functionality as by aesthetics with its extremely slender frame profiles. Successfully tested in accordance with European fire protection standards, the door profile system ensures the highest safety, even under extreme loads, and offers plenty of design options with a wide choice of drive motors and glass types. The variable Janisol 2 EI30 fire protection sliding doors are mainly used in barrier-free buildings with higher security requirements, such as shopping centres, stadiums and administration buildings. The ultra-slim fire protection profiles make these sliding doors simple to fabricate as single- and double-leaf systems with or without an integrated emergency exit function.


Jansen steel profiles create large-area and torsion-resistant door systems with slender frames. The ranges of profiles and seals are suitable for manual and automatic doors. The Jansen folding and sliding door system is compliant with the CE marking requirements and fulfils the requirements of product standard EN 13241-1.